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Husbands can be incredibly helpful.

That one with the Christmas lights is creative, though!

Husbands are incredibly useless

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Now you know who to vote for.

How Bowser has so many ties to the White House, I’ll never know

Im not sure I support Obamas pro-princess kidnapping policies

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Disney fans trying to explain the difference between Rapunzel/Anna/Elsa/Honey Lemon’s designs like:


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Excuse me hyooman! Salutations! I wish to purchase the finest catnip you have on your shelf! I wish to have a jolly good time!

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Silent Uproar Recruitment Contest

Hello Dreamwalkers! Or should I say potential Dreamwalkers? Doesn’t matter, it’s all semantics anyway. Soul here. You know, Soul Shinoda. The Magnificent Fennec Fox of SNU. Coming to you live from the dream world, since you know, there isn’t a great internet connection at a University in the middle of nowhere. 

You may be wondering what brings me here. Good question. Seriously, great question. Now for any great question an even greater answer. I’m here to recruit you. Like one of those commercials always asking you to join the army, I got a proposition for you. You see, Silent Uproar ain’t doing so hot lately. We have few members, and an even smaller amount of sonnen (or people as you call them) willing to get their hands dirty. It’s always up to me to do the dirty work. In all seriousness, you’d think with a few fellow Dreamwalkers, I wouldn’t be left to do all of the work. But hey, greatness comes at a price. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, Silent Uproar recruitment. That’s why we’re here today. 

Plain and simple: we need your help. We need you to spread the word. Go to our home page, whether on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter, and use the power of the internet to share, reblog, and retweet this post until your pointer finger falls off. That’s the goal at least. What are you spreading around? Our Kickstarter for Sanctum Polis – Rest Eternal Memory, starring yours truly as the lead. Ok, well not the lead, but I’m pretty damn important. 

So of course, no good recruit goes unrewarded. One person, chosen at random, from each of the following, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, will be chosen from the plethora of people to join the contest to win the “Socialite” reward tier currently on our Kickstarter. Again, three people will win $120 worth of stuff: a customized note to show up in the game, two copies of Sanctum Polis – REM, the Legendary Heroine Talgara DLC, Solaris Cleric’s and Lunus Sorcerer’s Armor DLC, PDF Map of Diurne, PDF Bestiary, Digital Soundtrack, and your name in the credits. That’s pretty much a bucket load of awesome if you ask me. 

And that isn’t just if we make goal. Yeah, funding would be great, but on the way off chance it doesn’t happen, you will still get this reward, just probably at a later date. And if you’re feeling like upping the reward, you can add some funds through PayPal to go up from there. So you pretty much have nothing to lose. 

Now, every recruitment has its rules. I know I know. I’m not a stickler for them myself, but hey what are you going to do. First, you must share this post from our page, either on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. Or all three if you’re feeling zealous. Second, you have to add why you think we deserve the money. Simple enough, especially if you a diehard fan. Lastly, and most importantly, the link to our Kickstarter should still be in the share, so people can look us up. 

Simple enough, right? So what are you waiting for? Go break the silence and spread the word. Soul out.

;w; I think it’s really sad that virtually no one wants to support this game just because it has furries. That’s a double standard in and of itself. Please support this game if you can and spread the word!

My loving cockatiels pose for scritches! #petsofinstagram #birdsofinstagram #petting #love #friends #cockatiel #scritches #birds



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A Koopa Family Photo

by SmashingRenders

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A magazine scan of Meowser


This all happened in the same month.

Basically you guys, I love Nintendo


aaaaaaand last one!!! I know there’s a lot of you who want to see this~

that’s it! I’ll open back up commissions in the near future for those interested UwU thank you so much~

Not a big fan of gijinka characters but these designs are badass.