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Sorry for the long post! drew a lot of mario fanart this weekendd


Buffet Restaurant

Puerto Rico

(I am ordering a table for me and my parents in a Chinese buffet. As a legally disabled person, I have an ID that gives me discounts and preferential treatment. I ask about their discounts after I read a bulletin advertising the discounts for…

EvilPepper, I live in Puerto Rico so I can answer this. Usually, it’s optional. However, for government sponsored events or activities or some high-profile events like concerts, entities like TicketPop offer discounts to Law 51 beneficiaries. There’s two cards you get under the law: one for Law 107 that gives preferential treatment at most if not all government offices and whoever wishes to offer services and benefits to disabled people, and the Law 51 card that entitles the user with discounts. So yeah, mostly optional at places like restaurants and stores, but otherwise mandatory.


See you tomorrow at SDCC!

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#instagram crosspost. This little #cockatiel friend of mine thought it was a french girl. Obviously she does not know what that entails. XD #pets #closeup #birds #inkwell #portrait #adorable #playtime


This moment in MMBN3 was just so beautiful, I had to make it a gif.
Somebody take this game away from me!


This moment in MMBN3 was just so beautiful, I had to make it a gif.

Somebody take this game away from me!

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Icons for you and your friends.

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I got my godzilla toy today! :D awesome!!!! ;W;



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#japanese #katana #keychain #gift #foreign #imported #decoration Thanks so much, Freddy!

Seriously. The asshole gives absolutely nothing to the show, detracts from the plot, and is just a narrative CRUTCH to keep a consistent villain. The show was fine until he was made a cyborg.

Really turned off by the show now. All because of Barry.



Gigantic Announce Trailer

Motiga announced their first game today, and I’m pretty psyched! I’m not really into MOBAs, but I’m going to have to try this one. Mostly because it’s gorgeous, and partly because the twist they’ve put in actually makes it look interesting to me.

Pretty terrible gifs, but eh. EHH. I don’t care. Fun.

Visit Gigantic's website to read more about the game and sign up for the alpha!

These character designs are FANTASTIC!

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